3 Events, 3 Cities, 12 Days

Note:I posted this on June 10, 2017. I started this blog February 1st, and that is why the default date of this post shows Feb 1. 

Since May 30th – I’ve been to Miami, Chicago and now New York for 3 different events – Miami Fashion Week, Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition and Out in Tech Hackathon. All so different, but one common thread, Automattic has been a sponsor of all, and it’s been my job to make sure all runs smoothly.

First up… Miami Fashion Week
WordPress.com was a sponsor of this fashion focused week, and as part of our sponsorship we had a lounge space at the runway shows. Let’s just say… Miami is about perfection! The people, the style, the design… everything! I attended an influencer brunch with fashion bloggers and celebrities one of the days, with a goal of mingling and making connections for the company. For the first 30 minutes, I felt so out of place – my outfit, my hair, my background, my lack of Spanish… it was a bit intimidating. After one fashion brands CEO and another celebrity hair stylist came over and chatted, I was put at ease. It made me realize that aside from the perfectionism portrayed, we had much more in common than I would have thought. What I love about traveling is learning about the cultures, and this was a prime example of that happening, and it brought me outside of my comfort zone. Here’s a sneak peak at the week (downside of this trip… rain for 5 days straight, so much for that pool time I planned for). If you find yourself in Miami, we ate at a few awesome restaurants that I’d recommend.

After a week in Miami, it was time to head to Chicago for IRCE, an internet retailer conference where we sponsored as WooCommerce (a leading player in the eCommerce space). Time to switch gears from the fashion forward crowd to the technical side of my job – building websites with selling capabilities. I got stuck in a target after buying them out of purple wrapped chocolates for our expo booth (who knew the carts wheels would lock when hitting carpet so that you can’t take them out of the store). This resulted in buying a “old-lady” cart so I could get my things to the car. I also spent a lot of my time getting lost… did you know that Chicago has underground roadways? Well they do, and you lose your GPS signal when under there… resulting in a 15 minute drive taking an hour and 30 minutes… fun times! After ditching the car at the hotel Hertz, it was time to Uber to the airport for NYC!

Let’s make some websites for a cause…
I arrived to NYC yesterday, caught up with my brother over drinks at a rooftop bar, ate dinner at an amazing Indian restaurant, The MasalaWala, in the East Village, and then took a nice walk from dinner to our hotel at Bryant Park.

I’m writing this post from the Out in Tech Hackathon, where Automattic is a national sponsor. The group is amazing, and this hackathon is to create websites for 10 organizations working towards LGBTQ+ rights. It’s a humbling experience to be a part of this, and tonight will be a cocktail event where the sites are presented to the organizations. I lack technical abilities (despite working for a tech company), so while the pre-event work was busy for me, I can now catch up on some work from the past few weeks of traveling before I head to Paris on Monday for the 4th event of the month :)!



3 thoughts on “3 Events, 3 Cities, 12 Days

  1. Sounds like fun. The retired teachers like to know what our students are doing. May I share an excerpt with the link in our next newsletter which goes out in September?

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  2. You are one amazing young lady, keep up the good work and they enjoyment. Hope to catch up with you and your family when we are back in NY. If you ever come to OK let us know.

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