Surprise Visit to Greensboro, NC

My best friend for 27 years and I went to Greensboro two weeks ago for a surprise visit to her sister, Melissa. We had 3 hours to pack and get out before the snow storm hitting New York (we changed our flight at the last minute to the day earlier). Their family has a home there, and while the family lives in New York, Melissa made the move to NC a year ago. I was incredibly sick for most of the trip and was working during the days, but tried to make the best of it and enjoy what Greensboro had to offer. I also got Victoria and Melissa sick, so while we had big plans going into this trip, we mostly went out to eat, visited with family, and lounged around the house. Some restaurant highlights:

Rody’s Tavern – when we got into town, Melissa not expecting us, had an empty kitchen so we went to this bar for late night apps. It was your typical fried food American restaurant/bar. Nothing to write home about but has what we needed for a quick bite.

Hops Burger Bar – this restaurant is a burger place in town where you can customize your burger, from the patty (beef, chicken, bean, pine nuts… the list goes on) to the toppings. They have a lengthy list of fries – from sweet potato to Parmesan garlic, jalapeño, etc. We went twice 🙂 I got the fried tomato with pimento cheese sandwich on trip one, and trip two was the pickle back bourbon burger.

Comedy Zone – I was skeptical when we walked in and found out it was a hypnosis show instead of a stand up comedian, but it quickly became my favorite thing we did (okay only thing we did, but it probably would’ve gotten to the top of any list). I was belly laughing so loud all night. One of the last 3 standing was a guy on his second date with a woman in the audience. He made some wild confessions, danced inappropriately, and may or may not have a third date in the books.

Scrambled Southern Diner – If you know me, you know I love a good Sunday brunch. This breakfast spot was amazing! Their specialty is the skillets – a hot skillet with hash browns topped with eggs cooked to your liking and then toppings. Anything from sausage and gravy to lobster and crab. Aside from our main dishes, we also got a pancake that had to be a foot in diameter, a brunch appetizer to share!

Mizumi – I hate seafood but sushi is Melissa and a Victoria’s favorite so I went along to appease them. This place has all you can eat sushi for $25. The catch? If you leave more than 6 pieces, you pay for each full roll you can’t finish. It deters people from over ordering and being wasteful. Think you can hide any leftovers? Think again, there are cameras watching you!

Cook Out – A fast food chain with 40+ milkshakes to choose from. I went with the Reese’s Peanut Butter & Victoria had the Banana Pineapple. YUM!

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