After years of being unsure of what to pursue professionally, and four colleges later – I began my career in event marketing in January, 2011.  I fell into the role, and have been incredibly happy since. I started my journey at People Magazine, then worked in event positions at TIME, Fortune, Money, Canon and The Event Studio.  I’ve now found a healthy balance of work (and life) at Automattic (the company behind WordPress.com).

I now have the pleasure of working from home whenever I’m not traveling the world for various events. My focus is on event sponsorships in North and South America, with a sprinkling of events spanning other areas of the world.

One of my main struggles remains around the fear of doing things alone – if in a new city I’m unfamiliar with, I’m much more likely to order room service then sit at a restaurant by myself, embrace myself in work rather than exploring a town, etc. This is a jumping off point to hopefully move away from that outlook and start embracing myself as a Party of One!